Important Notice

Blackboard will be ceasing its support for e-Packs as of July 31, 2015.

Blackboard will be ceasing any and all operation of the hardware, software, networking and services involved in supporting the creation, updating, distribution, fulfillment and use of e-Packs. All e-Pack content which has already been imported into courses will remain intact, and students that have already entered their access codes will continue to have uninterrupted access to their course. Student pin validations will no longer be operational as of July 31, 2015. New students attempting to access the course material after July 31st will be granted unlimited temporary access to the course when they attempt to enter their access code.

Faculty, if your institution is also on a Blackboard Learn 9.1 environment, please go to Blackboard Extensions to search for a Course Cartridge equivalent of your e-Pack.

Students should reach out to their professor or instructor if they encounter any e-Pack related issues.

Student Access Keys

Choose the type of course for which you need an access key:

Course Cartridge

Course Cartridge example

Course Cartridges are for Blackboard Learn - Enterprise or Basic License courses only.

They are typically only available through one of these methods: Your instructor/professor may have arranged for other methods by which to obtain your Student Access Key. Please consult with your instructor/professor for more information if you are not sure how to proceed.


e-Pack example

e-Packs are for Blackboard Vista or CE License (formerly WebCT) courses only.

Purchase Access Key If an access key is not available from this source, or if you wish to explore all options, you may also be able to obtain one from the bookstore or directly from the publisher. It may also be packaged with your textbook.